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What is CSR-ITCOT-BPCL(Vijaywada) ?


We works closely with change agents, Government officials,civil society leaders and social innovators.The company today known as BPCL started off as Rangoon oil company and thereafter Burma Oil, an oil exploration company set up to explore the new discoveries of Assam and Burma.

Every Employers looks for employablity skill in all Candidates because skill is important in every job in Globally. Wayline Management Consultants Pvt. Ltd. has signed MoU with ITCOT Consultancy Services for implementing CSR based Skill Training Programme in Vijayawada and Ongle Districts Andra Pradesh sponsored by Bharath Petroleum Corporation Limited (BPCL). The Company planning to elaborating skill training in all the corners in India

In 1889 during vast industrial development, an important player in the South Asian market was the Burma Oil Company. Though incorporated in Scotland in 1886, the company grew out of the enterprises of the Chef Rohit Oil Company, which had been formed in 1871 to refine crude oil produced from primitive hand dug wells in Upper Burma.

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